Toronto Wedding Tattoos Blog #004,  March 10th 2024

A Real Couple's Awesome Anniversary Tattoo Tradition 

Cover Photo by: Steve Taylor ( for Sinners & Sons (

Love is a journey, and what better way to document that journey than with a tradition that leaves a lasting mark? Meet Sarah and James, a couple who've taken the art of commemorating their love to a whole new level. Instead of traditional anniversary gifts, they celebrate each passing year with matching tattoos, each design capturing the essence of the year that was. Join us as we delve into the details of their awesome anniversary tradition...

It all began on their first anniversary when Sarah and James decided to immortalize their love with matching tattoos. The inked symbols were small and discreet, representing the foundation of their relationship. Little did they know that this first stroke of ink would kickstart an annual tradition that would become as cherished as the years themselves.

Each year, as their anniversary approaches, Sarah and James embark on a creative journey to choose a design that encapsulates the essence of the past year. From a tiny plane to signify a year of adventures to a paw print representing their family's new addition, the couple carefully selects symbols that tell the story of their shared experiences and milestones.

On their anniversary, Sarah and James visit their favorite tattoo artist, Valerie (Victory Tattoos). With excitement in the air, they sit side by side as Valerie brings their chosen design to life. During the tattoo appointment, the two share stories about the prior year, laughing at the good times and reflecting on the challenges. The tattoo appointment itself becomes another one of those cherished memories for the couple.

The tattoos aren't just markings on their skin; they're wearable time capsules that transport Sarah and James back to the emotions and adventures of each passing year. As they add a new tattoo to their collection annually, the cumulative artwork on their bodies becomes a visual timeline of their shared history. The couple delights in sharing the story behind each tattoo with friends and family. From a symbol representing a dream vacation to an anchor for a year of stability, the tattoos spark conversations and smiles, creating a unique narrative that is as dynamic as their love story.

Sarah and James' tradition of getting matching tattoos on their anniversary is more than just a ritual; it's a testament to the beauty of evolving love. Each year, as they add a new layer of ink to their story, they not only celebrate the time that has passed but also look forward to the countless memories yet to come. It's a love story written in ink, and as they continue to tattoo their journey, the canvas of their life together becomes more colorful and beautiful with each passing year. Here's to love, laughter, and the art of commemorating it in the most unique and meaningful way!