The Victory Tattoo wedding experience exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their remarkable efficiency ensured a seamless process from start to finish. The team’s pristine cleanliness and unwavering professionalism created a comfortable atmosphere.

What truly impressed me was their extensive selection of tattoo options, catering to every desire and requirement. Kory and Val's collaborative prowess is evident in their streamlined process, which made the entire experience enjoyable.

Kory and Val are a remarkable team that brings skill and creativity to the forefront. Their ability to accommodate diverse preferences while maintaining an efficient process sets them apart. If you're looking for a flawless Wedding tattoo experience with a wide range of options, professionalism, and a dynamic team, Victory Tattoo is an unparalleled choice. 

[ Aaron B. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

First off I would like to say wow this girl Val does an amazing job at tattoos. I was completely amazed that the wedding I was at had a tattoo station set up for the guest for FREE!! Val and her husband killed it working all afternoon and through out the evening tattooing the sickest little tattoos for anyone that wanted one. They are the best duo team working together, best experience ever at a wedding, they absolutely killed it and I wish them and their tattooing business nothing but the best and hopefully they can come tattoo at my wedding one day. 

[ Ashley M. - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

Valerie did two tattoos for me and they turned out absolutely amazing!!!!

Valerie and Kory attended a friends wedding to do tattoos as the wedding favors for the guests (brilliant and unique)!

Everyone was so excited. Guests of all ages were lined up for this amazing gift!

Valerie and Kory provided a wide variety of tattoo options varying from letters, hearts, paws, to even detailed roses or rocket ships!

The area was extremely clean, safe and comfortable. They were courteous, friendly and extremely professional!

I have 7 other prior tattoos and Valerie is by far the best. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for some highly detailed, beautiful work.

These two are going places and I’m here for it! Keep up the amazing work. 

[ Steph - Victory Tattoos Google Review ]

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